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I am a young creative from Soweto, Diepkloof who has a great passion for art and design. I permit my imagination to live within my art. I have found that I grasp better the teachings of life when using my creativity. My name is Kagiso “KG” Ramoroesi and I am Sp_ce Productions.
My work is very modern and minimal, firstly because I prefer the observer to engage with the pieces and complete the story for themselves. Secondly, I want to warrant the viewer the freedom to translate what they see in a way that means something for them.
I believe in humanity, having a moral compass and always finding pleasure in what you do. I live to challenge the traditional way of doing things and believe in the development of the youth narrative; based on the inescapable fact that they (the youth) will become the following leaders of this country and the world. A remarkable man once said,“Listen to the kids…”- Kanye West.