Michael Komakozie Rodney
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Hollywood, United States
Last online: 5 days ago

As a One man Orchestra, Komakozie Brings a variety of styles through his Talents such as Singing, Dancing, Rapping, And most out of this world Beatboxing. Its like Time Traveling through a Galaxy of expressions. Michael Jackson, Madlib, and Sun Ra are a few of the greats that have heavily influenced his career. Soulfully applying his musical knowledge to his beatbox sets, Kozie produces sounds and an atmosphere that immediately gets peoples attention, they gather around, and its a dance party! Or you are stunned by heart throbbing vibrations that leads you to ask, “How did that come out of him?” His Beatboxing, freestyle lyrics, song writing, and dance style Speaks Peace, Love, Honesty, and Respect. Devotion. Following your heart and always being grateful.

Industry Experience:
Media & Entertainment, Software & Internet, Travel & Hospitality, Other, Education, Wholesale & Distribution
Gear & Software Experience:
FL Studio ( Intermediate )

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