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Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
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Miguel Martinez a young man born in Mexico DF who at age 16 came to know the taste

towards electronic music. its early beginnings were in local events such as the public to listen to and follow local djs talents as profecionales eventhough last much he wanted to start listening to different kinds of genres in the environment of the electronic mixing and classical genres to be the focus of techno is one of their tastes for more intusiasmados, followed by tech house, deep house, minimal, etc. so was developing basic concepts in the mix made a big time for darce to know fortunately his first start was online radios one of them was the principal in which he met yet been domino london and mixing dj live sets as given to the mixture was also given to achieve advancements in producing his own music with sound knowledge and imagination and what it heard in and out of your mix. also know their tastes with other djs producer profecionales listening to your tracks one of many of his greatest popular and steps is nadamenos that Stephan Bodzin sigueindo with Oliver Huntemann, Mark Romboy, Dominik Eulberg, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Magda and many more within different genres so I started with their projects because more than anything I wanted to follow and Creser more and more of their projects to the very beginning was with the first track called New Moon track thanks to several processes was delighted with a stamp called Minihard label signing with them at 23 years and confirming with a seal more conosido as minimal buzz records. more delighted with that good news was devoted more within production well without profecionales knowledge as courses and other means the same learned on their own and learn from their own mistakes as music either melodies, instrumental among other through their efforts continues standing within the electronic music with major motivations so this young still looking more new things as labels and seals to keep cresiando more and more doors opening both the same with their esfuerzoz other resources which have come to hear. Also participating in events like Mexico, Chihuahua, Monterrey, El Paso Tx among many other places. knowing magnifocos amazing friends and owners of other major labels in countries of high category.

This is how Miguel Martinez crese more and more every moment of his life and step into the culture and electronic music.

    uniE603 Miguel Mtz @ Special Set TECH:ROOM 2017.05.03
    uniE603 Miguel Mtz - Anderzon (Original Mix)[ Minimal Buzz Records ]