Bout-it Beez
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San Francisco, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Mr. bout-it
Engulfed in the digitized sound waves that control today’s Music. Mr. Bout-It has found what he claims is the sweet spot, keeping an organic vibe with a digital palate. Mr. Bout-It says “Music is in Peril. With same sound branding and bandwagon rap on the rise, Trying to make a living in the music industry, and be unique is becoming more difficult than ever. Being the oldest son of a funk rock musician, Bout-It had the music bug always jumping in his veins. " It was my cousin Ray Mabson that seen that musical talent in me and fertilized it”, He put him in front of an old asr10 and said learn. He’s used Almost every type of Music equipment, and in his words “If I haven’t Used it I learn it Fast” He Mastered his lyrical skills being in groups with great rap artist such as Luni Imfamous, And Ka$h 1st Lady. “My cousin Frank Mabson (who produced for the Late Great Tupac Shakur) took me a step further and introduced me to real studio Equipment and Quality production of R&B as well as Rap”. “I went to drum school with Darren Lewis”. Who Is one of the best producers in Kentucky. “Basically I got good Drum pattern design skills from him while he got good melody and sound choice ideals from me”. All That Bundled in One Man, PRODUCER. RAPPER. SONG WRITER… Mr. Bout-It is and always has been ahead of his time…

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