wayne don loc hall
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Mount Hope, United States
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L-O-C is one of these push it to the limit entertainers.
The product of a city known as the “T-TOWN,”

L-O-C has come out swinging with serveral mixtapes,
And with the release of his up coming mixtape GO GET IT, he is well on his way to
taking the world by storm.
“My success is a Godsend “I used to tell people I’m a rapper, but I’m not. I’m a poet.”
I came up like any other child of the struggle. Surrounded by drugs, gangs and guns as soon as he stepped foot outside his front door as
a child, young L-O-C faced the allure of breaking the law on a daily basis…

“I came up like a lot of youngsters in poverty-ridden areas, looking for love in all the wrong
places,” L-O-C recalls. “It was a lot of crime in TUSCALOOSA… And I imitated what I saw. I
wanted to be like the gangsters with the money.”

Recording music as a way of channeling his anger, L-O-C passed out his own
mixtapes in school and around town MOSTLY in other cities and states,MAINLY the mid-west and westcoast. Everybody fell in love with his music.
“I always had a love for music.” “I always knew that music was my gift but I
didn’t take it seriously.”
Between selling drugs and going to prison, L-O-C steadily
built his musical fan base with heavily praised mixtapes.
“I wasn’t serious about the music at the time, but the streets loved it,” “I just didn’t
take it seriously.”

With a new lease on life, L-O-C keeps his audience fed with mixtapes his
latest offering GO GET IT set to drop this summer. “The new mixtape is just something
for the streets,” says L-O-C. “They’ve been thirsting for something new and something not
watered down. So here you go.”

With the streets standing steadfast behind him, L-O-C is sure revolutionizing rap music.
Displaying a style that defies boundaries, he CONTINUES to give the world just a taste of what
TUSCALOOSA has been grooving to for years.
My music is incredible,” says L-O-C. “I don’t know what to call it because I’ve yet to see an
artist display the different talents I display or create the different genres that I have created- from
the rock and roll to heavy metal to soft rock to rap to country. I display so many styles. That’s
why they love me.”

What I Make: