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Tupelo, United States
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This 23 year old teen has been on a wild ride since beginning his career at age 14. Growing up in the Dirty South(Mississippi), Quintez Dillard (North Green Soulja) has been on a crazy journey of his lifetime. N.G.S got his first record deal with his cosin Pain of Hardtime Ent.,a independent label, in Oct. 02,2007. Unfortunately some things didn't go as plan. So he started his own label called Blood Sweat & Tearz Productions. He got back in-touch with one his old childhood friends Lil Chedda and started a group called Mississippi Finest in early 2008. N.G.S song collaborations include such names as Lil "T" of Nicca Rigg Ent. Tommy Wright III of Streets Smart Records, Wooh Da Kid Of So Icey Ent, TN of K.O.D.S Ent.,& others. His roller coaster ride takes him back to Tupelo, MS where he continues to network, produce mixtapes, promote on the streets and on the web by send messages add friends ect... But right now North Green Soulja is in the lab working his next big hit. #Club #Rap #Hip-Hop
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