Houston, United States
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Oz Knozz (Oz Ka-Nozz’)is a Progressive Rock band from Houston, Texas. For more info, please go to https://www.twine.fm/signin


Ever had a Rock & Roll Fantasy? You know, where you daydream about how music might sound if some of the late greats like Jimi Hendrix, John Entwhistle, Jim Morrison or even Mozart got together? Yeah, I know that sounds like a rather obscure and eclectic collection of artists, but every so often we get the opportunity to experience what something like that may sound like through the collaborative efforts of artists who have such a diversity of influences. Oz Knozz brings together a group of five distinct and highly talented artists with a broad range of musical styles and influences that create some incredibly intricate, powerful and creative music compositions and performances.
Imagine the keyboard virtuosity of Rick Wakeman (Yes) or the coloration of David Paich (Toto) collaborating with guitarists with the fluidity of Joe Satriani or the power of Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions). Consider those instrumental styles being layered under the power and range of vocal techniques such as Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Steve Perry (Journey) or Ronnie James Dio (Dio).Then, build all of it upon the rhythm foundation of the driving, melodic bass lines like Mike Rutherford (Genesis) or Chris Squire (Yes) locked with the powerful and precise percussion styles of Neil Peart (Rush), Bill Bruford (Yes) or Buddy Rich. Now you get an idea of where Oz Knozz is coming from.
Now, you may say “Wait a minute, those are some pretty lofty comparisons!”, and I would agree they are, but understand, I am discussing influences and styles here, not any one individual’s talent. Well, you may ask, “Ok, then what is it? Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, New Age, Classical?” And the answer is yes, it’s all of that and more. Any accomplished, succesful band will tell you it’s not about any one individual or style, but rather how their collective talent, influences and creativity compels and compliments each other in developing a uniquie sound. They bring all of these and numerous other musical styles and influences into the creation of their unique, intriguing and exciting sound. That is what Oz Knozz achieves with their music. Songs and concepts are brought in by the various members, and then the exploration takes over.
So, if you’re looking for music that is original, provoking, imaginative, inspired and enjoyable, then Oz Knozz is a great place to start.
Colin McLain, March, 2010

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