pjune (Blossom Kollektiv Berlin)
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Eisenstadt, Austria
Last online: 3 years ago
PJUNÉ is a dj/producer & head of the ride on agency and festivals. bookings and signing please: pjune@gmx.at played clubs and with artists like: - grelle forelle vienna w dubfire - pratersauna vienna w popof, marlon hoffstadt, nhan solo, martin patino - ride on festivals w super flu, kaiserdisco, florian meindl, klangkarussell,´many more - volksgarten vienna , get whipped, manuel petrik, emil berliner, philipp lichtblau - chaya fuera vienna, carnival club - club auslage vienna w bono goldbaum - 9.11. ride on festival w josh butler, joyce muniz - 30.11. dance dance revolution december: - wasabi wednesdays @ dots21 vienna - sass club vienna - eisenstadt upcoming 2014: 23.5. lighthousefestival croatia ls huxley, juan atkins and many more

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