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I need a songwriter for a House track I'm working on

Looking for: Songwriter

I’m a producer and DJ based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m currently working on a track but I need a songwriter in order to complete it.

I already have a female singer to record with in the studio, but unfortunately neither her or I are any good at songwriting.

I’m completely flexible when it comes to the theme of the song. I don’t really care all that much about the lyrics, as long as it’s catchy. Especially considering the track itself follows a typical four chord pattern (I–V–vi–IV progression). It’s a house song @ 123 BPM. I’m not comfortable with sharing unfinished songs online and therefore will only send you the track once we’ve agreed on collaborating on this project.

The song isn’t completely finished, mixed or mastered. But it’s around 90% arranged with just a few minor details that need to be added.

Payment for your services are somewhat negotiable considering I don’t really have a lot of money. I will however make sure the song is properly published and that you will receive proper credits. So if by any chance the song becomes profitable, you will get receive your royalties.

It would be nice if we could audio or video chat as well. So let me know what platform/s you’re most comfortable at using and maybe we can chat there.

Best regards,
Ben AKA Sahfi

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No payment, only collaboration and share profits

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No, we can work online

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Posted 4 months ago

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