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wrenchBiscuit is a Music Composer from Fort Pierce, FL, USA. Read their profile, see their work, and then post a brief to work with them and others like them.



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About wrenchBiscuit (@wrenchBiscuit)

Fort Pierce, FL, USA

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wrenchBiscuit is a Music Composer from Fort Pierce, FL, USA.
Read their profile, see their work, and then post a brief to work with them and others like them.

#composer #lyricist #neatmaker #singer #guitarist #songwriter #essayist #electronica I am not only interested in working with other artists, but also individuals who may not be musicians or artists, but who would like their own stories or ideas immortalized in song. Why not? I have been as professional musician for over 25 years, and I have been writing songs and composing music since before I was born. I have a good sense of humor as well as an ear for the "good hook". I enjoy mainstream music but I prefer the road less traveled. I also produce my own YouTube videos and have become quite proficient at video post production. I have over 30 original music videos uploaded to YouTube .To save you the trouble of sorting through all of that I have provide this link to a playlist that gives a good overview of my songwriting, my creative imagination, and my expertise in music video production. I have included music videos with humor, and social import. You will also find a remix featuring Rodnny Dangerfield , Smokey Robinson, and James Brown, along with an unusual mashup featuring the poetry of Emily Dickinson along with Karen Carpenter and Led Zeppelin. wrenchBiscuit Youtube Sampler: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnIwCoCwnThJVrqHCqtutSt7K77vG1tS7 Here I have provided a playlist of 4 songs I have collaborated on with two female poets: Lynda Ferrer and BB Golding. soundcloud.com/wrenchbiscuit/sets/twine Along with the video "Hand Me Down Easy" that is posted on my Profile, I also have posted instrumental beats that can be leased at Beat Brokerz. There are 3 licensing options available starting at $19.95. To lease a beat or to download a tagged beat for free go here: www.beatbrokerz.com/catalog/50483



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