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Rowlett, United States
Last online: 8 months ago
Zach king, Kbmg member\founder, K.D. be the plug, Follow me on twitter : @zachmfking Add me on Snapchat @ballzach696969 to see the shit I do on a daily. Follow me on Phhhoto : ijustrobbedtheplug Contact info : kingboy8797@gmail.com Email me with details about information regarding collaborations if interested
      uniE603 //NEW//Tugboat-Hop Off The Porch Skrewed (Lost Track)Prod. by yo bitch
      uniE603 Tugboat-// NEW//D.L.T.(Dirty Lett Trappin)SKREWED// Prod. DJ Nasty Nigga
      uniE603 Tugboat-//Whip Game Vishes//(SKREWED)// Prod. DJ Nasty Nigga//
      uniE603 Tugboat-//NEW//Whip Game Vishes//(Original)// Prod. DJ Nasty Nigga//
      uniE603 Tugboat-//NEW//D.L.T. (Dirty Lett Trappin)//(Original)// Prod.By Your Bitch