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Our best Music Producers in Les Bons Villers, BE

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Hire our best Music Producers in Les Bons Villers, BE:


Melodymann Demo / Promo / Bookings : Sabina - info(at)melodymathics.com


Hi, My name is Robin and people often call me Orlando. I am a DJ in mainly house and techno spheres and I started in 2014. Next to that I use Ableton...


I am Bestien a belgian Hard House producer. I also make slower music as WINGMENN and Trent Easton. www.facebook.com/djbestien

Dj Tellabeat

Joeri Van der Elst better know as Dj Tellabeat is 18 years old. He was just 11 years old when he set a step in the music world. Dj Tellabeat is an upc...


Oan-Man is born by the collaboration of three Belgium-based musicians in March 2015. Influenced by Detroit scene, Berlin House and minimal music in ge...


☞ Cont­­­­­­act : tan.music.contact@gmail.com ▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫...

Arno Bogaerts

Experimenting with drum & bass and some other similar electronic genres. arno.bgrts@gmail.com


I produce bass music (dubstep / dub). I DJ with vinyl only. BOOKINGS: stevendewaele95@hotmail.com

Leach & Lezizmo

Start date : 2012 Take an afterclub veteran and a warming up expert and you get Leach & Lezizmo. These 2 dj/producers know how to use their m...


Dat muziek en DJ voor Fortexz geen hobby maar een grote passie is, bleek al snel! Op 13 jarige leeftijd stond hij al met een geïmproviseerde DJ Set! ...


...I used to whistle a lot... :) - Singer/ Songwriter/Vocalist - Producer - Controllerist (DJ) 1sumiko1@gmail.com instagram.com/1sumiko1

Remy Dupon

REMY-X is a new belgian artist who started producing ten years ago. In his first years as a producer he mostly made music in harder, more uptempo genr...


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About Music Producers

A music producer is a ‘project manager’ for the recording of a song or track, just like a producer in the film industry. The music producer has an overall vision for the music, the sound and the goals of the project, and brings a unique perspective to inspire and assist artists to get the most out of their creative abilities. Music producers on Twine can help make your dream song a reality. A well-produced track can help massively grow your audience and. On Twine, you’ll find talented professional music producers with a wide variety of experience in almost any musical genre.

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