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Our best Music Producers in Bristol, UK

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Hire our best Music Producers in Bristol, UK:


Get in touch if you want to collaborate or need a remix!!! Peace jmochnacz@hotmail.co.uk


Dubstep · Trip-Hop · Grime · Dubwise · Jungle and more! Purveyor of bassweight Contact: flood_bristol@outlook.com

James Barclay

hope you like my tunees. heres my facebook https://www.facebook.com/JamesBarclayMusic Also in a band called Teel check us out https://soundcloud.com/t...


Sound Designer, Audio Programmer & Composer for Games and Mobile Applications. #Msound2014 #SoundForGame&Apps


I am a sound engineer and love mixing tracks and would like to collaborate with musicians all over the world. Message me If you want your tracks mixed...


Resonates, Melody, Spectrum | An Alter Ego bringing music into the world. | remedlum@iamremedlum.com | https://soundcloud.com/iamremedlum | https://tw...

Levi McHugh

EMAIL: QBEATSCONTACT@GMAIL.COM Levi "Q Beats" Mchugh is a 22 year old up and coming Hip Hop/Grime Producer/Mc and Graphic Designer From Br...

All Atomic

Electronic Musician Really im looking to maximise my reach ... radio air play etc, and get my music noticed and get a strong fan base before selling...


Brainiac is Phil from Bristol, UK. At the beginning of the millennium he started DJing and visiting Electronic Music events regularly, which influenc...

Xan Gill

producer, composer, dj 19, from newcastle, uk • BOOKINGS//CONTACT • ag14545@my.bristol.ac.uk • SOUNDCLOUD • https://soundcloud.com/xan-gill


im a dude just like you but i make beats and i rap a little to find me and other artists at https://www.facebook.com/bristolpmg my facebook.com/y...


Techno inspired Dj and Producer in bristol creating music with aspects of bass and ambience. Contact: jake.n_09@hotmail.co.uk


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About Music Producers

A music producer is a ‘project manager’ for the recording of a song or track, just like a producer in the film industry. The music producer has an overall vision for the music, the sound and the goals of the project, and brings a unique perspective to inspire and assist artists to get the most out of their creative abilities. Music producers on Twine can help make your dream song a reality. A well-produced track can help massively grow your audience and. On Twine, you’ll find talented professional music producers with a wide variety of experience in almost any musical genre.

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