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Harrisburg, United States

Email me for a beat https://www.twine.fm/signin

Harrisburg, United States

Email me for a beat https://www.twine.fm/signin

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Music Producers for hire in Harrisburg, US

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'Secret Society       Recordz  Im young,black,rich and dangerous feelin like i won da lotto, song writer,producer,seven degree black belt in the univarsal african fightin art system founder, king ogun! basically my hobbie is music ,writing, some poetry, my style so intelligent its unique physique .nigga please, you dont wanna fuck with the dog ra-sunlord i will burn down your home ,watch your shit fall like rome nobody words can go against me ,im stingy, i want all dat energy ra-sunlord in da place to be, im 200 hot degree, burn you to your fate yall,yall niggas shootin blanks yall ,i fuck in my bullet proof vest drive an armor tank yall, living life to the fullest ,im 28  working for more money to make......  About Being Unique How Rapper Unique crafts Life Into Lyrics by Alicia R Thomas You've heard his tracks on iTunes. You've seen his videos on YouTube. You've purchased his albums and admired the cover art, even learned the lyrics. Maybe you've even seen him peform. Idryis Muhammad, known as Unique, is one of the very few flourishing rappers Harrisburg can claim as it's own. He worked with artisits like 12'o'Clock, Prodigal Sun, and Rza, making music that was a mixture of rap, soul, hip-hop and R&B. "a li'l bit of everything," Unique said. He created two music videos, each at least year long projects, for the songs "Someones at the Door"and "Get off Me" both of which are now up for public view online. And even as his rap career skyrocketed, Unique stayed grounded, performing for his home community; he and the other half of his rap duo Secret Society wrote inspiring lyrics at the Harrisburg AIDS Prevention Society, using music as an educational tool to inform younger people of the risks of HIV and AIDS. Unique was swept up in the rap game, recording in four states and eight studios to put out his first album "Sharplikasword" with five of his major tracks. He started modeling for companies like Converse, American All-Star and CK1. he even went on tour with Wu Tang Forever, a member of which is a relative of his. everything he had been searching for, was finally within his reach. and he loved every second of the lifestyle that he had created for himself. Unique was on top, no doubt about it. Then, Seemingly just as all of his dreams were coming to fruition, they were shattered. On June 28 his life changed forever. Unique was paralyzed in a car accident that took him from stardom to congestive heart failure. but his music brought him back. On the way home from a concert in North Carolina,Unique was in a gruesome five-car pile-up. He died at the scene. Somehow he was resuscitated and was taken by helicopter to a hospital. Upon arrival, Unique was hit with the aftermath of the tragedy he had just barley lived through- his doctors informed him that he would be paralyzed from the chest down for the rest of his life. He would never walk into a studio to record again; he would never pen his own rhymes, let music flow from his hands to paper. He'd never again partake in martial arts, something he had been avid about since childhood. The lifestyle he had spent years creating was torn away from him in one tragic instant. This devastating blow would be enough to make anyone else want to throw in the towel. but those who knew and loved Unique would let him do no such thing. His family stood by, including his little sister "Heavenly Earth Asia" and little brother "Bless" who were musically talented enough to bring Unique out of his shell to start at least free-styling again. His girlfriend, Yvonne- "She's my girlfriend, my wife, my life, my MacGyver,' Unique said. She sticks by his side, assisting him with anything his body won't allow him to, from getting a drink of water, to getting into bed at night. With love and support, Unique was able to get out of his post-traumatic rut and back into creating music. He found within him a drive to move forward, and moved away from the secluded self he'd become, ignoring a lot of what he heard about what he couldn't do. He was told he needed to speak up, continue using the voice that had gotten him this far in the rap game, as he said,"a quiet mouth won't get fed," and he resolved not to stay quiet, but to share his story and continue to making music. Unique starting dictating the rhymes that filled his head. though the practice was newand a lot less personal, it led to the sae result. with help from Heavenly Earth Asia and Bles, he concocted the tracks that fill his 'Shattered Dreamz." Unique said that even though his dreams may have been shattered, his life isn't over. He's still here, and he's still got a mind bent to music, so that's what he's going to do: make music for a community that really needs it. The message behind the rap Unique writes is uplifting and inspiring, not the negative stuff of some other artisits. He said that what started as a downfall, or a step in the wrong direction, took him two steps forward; maybe for the first album "Sharplikasword" he was on his feet, but for his album "Shattered Dreamz," he's grown. Unique isn't a successful Handicapped rapper. He's successful rapper.He's done more with the burden of a disability than most rappers dream of doing without one. Through the adversity and hard times, Unique kept fighing, and he's pushed himself to an even greater success than he, or anybody else, could have imagined. 'You should enjoy the gift that Unique was able to be here to give you,' he said of himself. Listen to 'Shattered Dreamz' and you'll hear the inspiring passion that laces every one of his tracks. Unique has been on top, has hit bottom and has been dragging himself back to rap glory one track at a time. The only thing that's different is that along with the glory, he has earned respect from rappers and listeners for triumphing over a heart-wrenching circumstance and coming out of it with such impressive accomplishments and clarity. His anticipated follow-up album, called something like 'Unique's Fresh Out of Rehab," is expected to be released around 2014. His tracks are available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Traybit,and Amazon, and his music videos are up on Youtube. for more information on Unique's musical styling, or if your just looking to be inspired, go to www.facebook.com/uniqueallah36 or www.myspace.com/secretsocietyrecordz717 new album "UNIQUES SHATTERD DREAMZ available now>>   pay attention...   & dont forget 2  Google "Sharplikasword"Cop it!!Cdbaby.com/sharplikaswordLala.comAmazon.comItunes.comNapster.comAlso featuring a special track w/Rza, 12 o'clock, and Prodical sun    Local grab SHarplikasword at Midtown SOul, 908 n 3rd street, Harrisburg Pa 17102.. And at the Broad street market stand Creations of family Muhammads..   Rhapsody, napster, itunes, amazon, trade bit ,lala, cdbaby, and serch for "Sharplikasword" or "Unique as Ra Da Sunlord", also go to myspace.com/secrectsocietyrecordz717-listen & buy- Google "sharpliksword"And all the information yall will need to know about "Unique as RA-DA Sunlord" and my group, "Secret Society" and my underground record label soon to become major, Secret Society Recordz.All the info you need to know about us and where to get the album"Sharplikasword". Special guest appearance featuring Rza,12 o'clock, and Prodical SunIf you love that real hip pop, check the album out, and stay ahead of the rest!Thank You For Your Support..local location hit up midtown soul in harrisburg pa 908 north 3rd st. 4 my album ' sharplikasword''                                          “Uniques Spoken Words”Brand New Album Uniques Shattered Dreamz!  This Album is basically about dreamz that we all have. Some of us accomplish them, some of us are still reaching to fulfill them dreamz. From the beginning of 1997 to 2002, I was running with the Wu Tang Clan on the road, in the Studio, Rocking Shows, Videos, and Much More. I used to live in Beverly Hills, L.A. I did some side work with American All-stars, Converses, and CK1. So I was living my life starting to begin to introduce the world to "Unique as Ra Da Sunlord". In 2003, I got into a Car Accident in West Virginia. At that time it left me paralyzed from the Neck Down. From that moment I thought my life was over. ''This is it! What Am I Good For Now". This is what I’m saying to myself while I was laying there in the Hospital Bed. From that point, I thought all my dreams that I worked hard for, and skills, and trades, and martial arts ability that I learnt, I felt that I lost. That’s when I needed to get my mind together. By talking to people that knew me best that was close to me other then family, told me I need to keep doing this music thing. That’s when I met you and knew you best at, Which had me thinking Yea Right .But I knew if I was going to do it again I was going to hit them with some ill Boogie B-Boy POP/SOUL/HIP-HOP/R&B...

Follow me on Twitter @jamesontwotimes Instagram: @igobyjameson soundcloud.com/jamesonii Let's work! Email for inquiries https://www.twine.fm/signin

Embrace Love With Open Arms Experimental Hip-Hop/Trap. I also edit videos, GFX, and sound design. I have been self-taught for about 6 years. My goal in music is to evoke inexplicable feelings from the listener. https://www.twine.fm/signin

Beat Maker/Producer Follow Me,Like,Comment and Share My Songs For any inquiries or questions regarding my work, please contact my manger at the following. MGNT: https://www.twine.fm/signin

also known as sonnyskare and Iridirex follow me on tumblr for track updates! email for any private contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin

//Eccentric and very eclectic music. Fueled by @soulection booking and inquiries: https://www.twine.fm/signin


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The redesign has taken our brand to the next level

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