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Logo Design

Looking for: Graphic Designer
Budget: £150.00

I am launching a new business and require a logo that will stand out and looks professional.
The company installs Leak detection, security alarms, fire alarms, door entry systems.
Leak detection - water, gas, temperature, moisture, refrigerant gas.
Security alarms - Wireless, wired commercial systems.
Fire alarms - Commercial systems
Door entry systems- Approved Paxton door entry engineers.

All the systems above are installed and maintained by us. We are also launching our own wireless system to market early next year. As well as Paxton systems we also install systems for another company JAM Ltd.
We will be using the logo to represent the company on clothing and stickers attached to third party equipment. The branding will also play a big part of our web portal of which clients have the ability to control their own equipment settings.
I would say that the wireless plays a big part in our structure so this may be of use to you in the design.

Do you need a logo?

Do you have an idea for the logo design?
No, I don’t know what I want

Is this a new logo or a rebrand?
New logo

What type of logo do you want?

What styles do you like?
Text and image

What colours would you like the designer to explore?
Blues, Greens

Where will the logo be used?
Print and digital, Web, Clothing, Stationery

What file types do you need the logo file in?

Do you need any print items?

Do you need any branding work?

Do you need web or digital design?

Do you need stationery designed?

Do you need any other services?

What kind of organisation is the design for?
Business or nonprofit

What is most important for this project?

What level of experience would you prefer from your creative?
5-8 years (high quality)

What’s the project scope?
One time project

Posted a year ago
David Edgar
Last online: 6 months ago

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