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AUD Student short film

Looking for: Sound Editor
Budget: Negotiable

I am a senior student in American university in Dubai studying n MBRSC and in the process of post production for our short film project. We are looking for sound editor and deisgner to edit the sound and clean it and design it in a clear way for our film. Our film is 20 mins long and we need a gound sound editor to edit the sound from 22nd of April until 25th of April. Our film will be screened in AUD auditorium and hopefully will get accepted in different film festivals.

Our Film story:

Its About Time - مع الوقت) is a short Arabic drama film about Layla, an Egyptian married woman in her mid 20’s. The day before her immigration to Canada with her controlling husband Omar, she visits her father Sabri, who lives in an Old People’s Caring Center and suffers from Alzheimer. She then decides to spend her last day with him. Layla starts her journey with her dad and they begin recreating their forgotten memories. At the end of the day, Layla falls into a dilemma of staying with her dad Sabri or traveling with her husband Omar.

Posted 6 months ago
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