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Looking for: Concept Artist

External Pages is an online exhibition space that is currently looking for artists and curators who are interested in exploring the boundaries of materiality and bottom-up approaches to public space and access to art through post-internet theory.

As well as being a cultural forum and an experimental digital platform, External Pages is a en exhibition space that looks to develop a new wave of net-art concentrating on post-capitalist and xeno-feminist thought.

Every other month, we showcase an artist or collective who push the potential of viewing art on our browsers, with which we sometimes help to code, so knowledge of website coding is not necessary. We are in the process of preparing the website/exhibition space launch, and are looking for people that would want to display their work or join in on the curatorial side, as we will be live in the beginning of June. This isn’t a paid opportunity, although we are hoping to pay our artists as soon as we can sell merchandise that is generated from the aesthetics of the exhibition once the launch has occurred.

We will need work to be done by the end of May, so that the selected artist can generate work within more than a month, although the artist can display work that has been made prior to the open call.

All people are welcome to apply, but please be aware that requests from folks identifying as women, non-binary, femme and/or from a BAME background are prioritised.

Posted 6 months ago

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