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Looking for: Script
Budget: Negotiable

Hi, I’m the Creative Video Producer at Purpose (, we build social impact campaigns and movements.

I’m looking for a copywriter/scriptwriter to write the voiceover for a spoof political ad (30 - 60 seconds). The video is a part of a campaign that seeks to empower young voters around climate action, with an initial focus on young people in Southern California ahead of the June 5th Primary. The spoof ad will personify the fire that hit this area, touting the achievements and agenda of “Thomas Fire” (e.g. he’s burning for a fight"). The satirical video seeks to encourage voting among young people by showing that climate change is always on the ballet (the campaign is not partisan and will not endorse a specific candidate.)

We’re looking for someone with a portfolio that speaks to comedic/satirical work. The ideal candidate is familiar with Southern California and can use that expertise of the cultural context to inform the script.

Posted 6 months ago
Last online: 5 months ago

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