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General Manager - Co-Owner

Looking for: Branding
Budget: Negotiable

Irth is a food packing COMPANY, located in Jordan, that aims to provide high quality eco, sustainable, and ethical product lines, through cooperation with and support to local communities.

As we listed down around 10 products to start up with, we have a product that is ready to be launched JAMEED), - sun dried yogurt using ancient and traditional techniques-, next we will be ready with Rumi olive oil (extra vergine high quality olive oils, collected from 1000 to 2000 years old trees, in 4 different flavors)

To start with:

We need to conclude our logo design, which is now had been drafted by myself, and initially agreed with my partner, I have it in PNG and SVG format,

Design of packing elements (labels, recycled materials, authentic identity),

Finalize products stories, copywriting,

Design of, e commerce platforms (Facebook, Instagram),

I prepared informative summaries, breif, inspirations list to enhance product visualization experience with our designer, including societies visits impretions reports, competitors E commerce platforms of choice,

Is this a rebrand or a new identity?
New identity

What branding materials do you need?
Full branding package

What styles do you like?
Clean, Modern

What kind of organisation is the branding for?
Business or nonprofit

What file types do you need the branding assets in?

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?
This month

What’s your budget range?
500-750 (Industry average)

Do you need any other services?
No, I don’t need any other services

Posted 5 months ago
Last online: 5 months ago

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