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3 x Campaign Landing Pages & a Logo

Looking for: Web Design
Budget: £333.33

Love thy neighbour is the direct mail trading name of Appoddo Limited. An affiliate marketing agency.
Love thy neighbour is a socially focused and ethical organisation. They offer direct mail for local government, not-for-profits and public sector and similar organisations.
They differentiate by leading the creative design.
They don’t charge for data or design.
They offer direct mail that is human, conversational and makes people happy.
They offer Facebook campaigns as a bolt on to direct mail.
Love thy neighbour aspire to be not-for-profit in two years time.
They make it really simple for companies to buy direct mail services.

3 campaign landing pages, with all traffic coming directly from Google Search AdWords.
1 x main page & 2 x variations
A landing focused on conversion via an enquiry form.
A price calculator will be used to drive enquiries.
A logo and design style for the landing pages.
Completely responsive.
The plan is to start building more campaign landing pages aligned to relevant keyword Ad Groups.
Not fussed how its built.
I will supply URL details.
Please provide a cost for hosting and migration.

Web page references - really love the scroll effect. Imagine an image of a customers face light up as users scroll down the page. - like the colour change during scroll, big type, minimal side menu - would make a great form block for the calculator
Or, something like typeform for the calculator. - love the colours and whitespace - love the idea of a background progressing as the page scrolls , imagine a graphic of a smile or a photo/video of a persons face gradually smiling as you scroll down.

Full brief with logo and web design mood boards here: Page Brief - LTN.pdf?dl=0

What do you need designed?
New website

What platform is currently used?

What type of website do you have?
Business or non-profit

How many pages need redesigning?

What type of website would you like?
Business or non-profit

How many new pages will be on the site?

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?
This month

What’s your budget range?

Do you only need the design?
No, I need it coded too

Do you need any additional services?
Responsive design, Brand identity, Web hosting

Posted 5 months ago
Last online: 4 months ago

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