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Cinematographer / Director of Photography

Looking for: Cinematographer
Budget: Negotiable
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We are currently producing a short film ‘Vermillion’, which the director aims to submit to various international film festivals. Vermilion is a short movie that examines the duality of our existence. It makes us question whether the most fragile & beautiful things often hide the darkest secrets.

We are looking for a talented Director of Photography/Cinematographer. The ideal candidate must be a resourceful, advanced camera operator with cinematography experience.

Candidates should have an eye for capturing great images on location, the ability to work well under pressure and flexibility when working with deadlines and budgets.

Filming is to take place over a few days in August. Pay is negotiable and based on experience.

If interested, please send your CV and any evidence of work you have produced (website/showreel) and we will be in touch in due course.

Many thanks,

The Femme Creative

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Yes - London

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Posted 24 days ago
Femme Film Productions
Last online: 24 days ago

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