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The Corelink Solution - Creatives

Looking for: Graphic Designer
Budget: $350.00


I am looking for creatives to help promote The Corelink Solution as a company, as well as the podcast, which is called The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau. The logo is already created. This is purely about versioning and adding to the logo for these designs. .

Some things that come to mind are below, but please provide additional thoughts if you think I might be missing something.

1. Twitter Headers
    a. One for The Corelink Solution page.
    b. One for James Rosseau page
2. FB Page Headers
    a. One for The Corelink Solution page
    b. One for James Rosseau page
    c. One for James Rosseau personal page (may not be needed)
3. LinkedIn Headers
    a. One for The Corelink Solution page
    b. One for James Rosseau page
4. Cover for Podcast Program "The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau"
    a. Place for me to insert podcast information such the guest name, a picture, etc.
5. #SuccessTOTD Theme Wrapper using the Logo color (see to get a feel for what this is all about).
6. Need a creative way to have a few creative headers that have me integrated with both logos in versions as well in case I need to use those for my personal webpage ( or social media accounts.  I can send a few photos for that.

Things you should know about the podcast the might that might be helpful.
• Industry we will compete in: Business / Professional Services - Consulting
• Our purpose: Revitalize communities by empowering to people reach their potential.
The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau Podcast is a platform designed to empower through awareness and actionable insights. Our topics are focused on leadership and personal development, entrepreneurship and social justice (emphasis on education).

Do you need a logo?

Do you need any print items?

Do you need any branding work?

Do you need web or digital design?

What kind of organisation is the design for?
Business or nonprofit

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?
This month

What’s the project scope?
One time project

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Posted 4 months ago
The Corelink Solution
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