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Music Producer needed

Looking for: Music Producer
Budget: Negotiable

Music is literally the air I breathe.

I’ve always written music for other people but I want to branch out and start releasing my own music. I need a music producer to help what I hear in my head to become tangible music. I am looking for quality, flexibility and someone who is just as passionate about music I am. The genre I’m heading towards is “sad trap” so to speak. If Melanie Martinez and XXXTentacion backtracks had a child that’s kind of what I hear in my head. I can make the basic melody of the beat but actually making the whole beat is not my forte as I’m a lyricist. If you have the skill the mix and master tracks to that would be ideal. I need to start pretty soon as I want the first song to be done by August.

Hit me up and if you and I’s minds vibe I’ll give you more details.

Genre required?

Type of project?

What’s the deadline?
As soon as possible

How many instruments do you need added?

How many tracks?

Do you need the song mixed and mastered?

Is the song already written?

Will the track be commercially released?

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?
Next 3 days

What’s your day rate budget range?

Do you require a recording studio?
Yes, I need access to a recording studio to record parts of the song

How many pitches from freelancers would you like?

Posted 6 months ago
Syomo Faith Simatele
Last online: 7 days ago

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