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Christmas Santa 🌎

Looking for: Illustrator
Open job

TBI Santa’s Brexit plan
Aim: A fun/funny Brexit Christmas story showing what Christmas will be like after Brexit.
Purpose: Demonstrate the impact of Brexit in a different way
Objective: Increase email signups
Adapt Google’s santa tracker to show the challenges Santa faces after Brexit.
A santa tracker website where Santa runs into issues each day trying to deliver presents to kids across Britain/Europe:
Presents stuck in customs
Reindeer in quarantine as no pet passports
Reindeer have to be swapped for Bulldogs
Sleigh grounded because no flight agreement
Santa stuck at immigration
Stuck in lorry park on M20
Food shortages mean there’s no food left on mantle pieces
We can’t import pine trees, so everyone has Christmas Oaks
Santa is wearing Brexit blue not Christmas red
Share on social channels over the advent period and christmas. Potential media pick up?
Finalise our list of Brexit challenges for Santa. Commission a creative agency to build our santa tracker.
Next steps:
Finalise list
Find agency
Commission work
Draft planner:
Content outline and theme
Creative required

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Process of stages for Santa and sleigh
Design brief: Laid out like a traditional comic strip with each new window setting out the following steps of Santa’s journey to deliver presents after Brexit. Santa is dressed in a Brexit blue uniform instead of the traditional red.
Concept: Santa has issues filling in his visa form, as he’s not used to these new rules. He thinks he’s done it right, but he can’t get through to UK HO rep to help as their phone lines are jammed with other queries
Design: Santa is shown at his workshop in Lapland, looking confused next to a large pile of paperwork. The elves are in the background loading up the sleigh with presents marked “FOR UK CHILDREN”

Concept: Santa arrives at Lapland airport, ready to do his UK present run but his flight is grounded for several hours as the UK has yet to finalise an aviation deal with the EU
Design: Santa is shown at Lapland airport looking frazzled while airport staff tell him he cannot take off in his sleigh pointing to a newspaper with the headline “BREXIT: NO DEAL = NO FLIGHTS”

Concept: Finally, after negotiating special dispensation to fly the sleigh into Dover, immediately after landing:
Reindeers are quarantined with insufficient documentation – no one told Santa he’d now need pet passports
Due to the UK’s deviation from EU tariffs, all the presents are taken immediately for customs checks, undoing the elves hard work – each present must be inspected individually (number of customs forms and number of sleighs needed to carry them
Santa is escorted to immigration for interview with Border patrol officers, over his visa documentation
Design: Santa is shown being escorted towards an interview room, while reindeers are being led in the direction of a quarantine area. Lastly a Customs official is seen dragging the sleigh full of presents towards the Customs office

Concept: Santa must pay heavy duties for his sleigh of presents (cost to be estimated)
Design: Santa is presented with a large bill to pay while his sleigh is now filled with customs forms

Concept: Reindeers are not allowed out of quarantine and must be swapped for horses which cannot fly. Santa has to go via the motorway
Design: Santa is seen fixing horses up to his sleigh. In the background reindeers are visible from a stable. There is a sign pointing towards the road

Concept: Santa is free to go (his Christmas cheer significantly dented by hostile environments) and deliver his presents! He clears Dover and immediately is stuck in traffic (M20 Southbound closed, leaving just two lanes for traffic either way)
Design: Santa is in his sleigh with horses, surrounded by lorries and cars on the road. The other side of the road is visibly closed and parked up with lorries. Santa looks frustrated and checks his Sleigh Nav which has a time estimate to deliver all presents of 27th December

Concept: Santa realises that all presents were unwrapped at customs need re-wrapping and must pull over, further delaying his journey
Design: Santa is shown on the side of the road with heavy traffic. Presents are spilling out of his sack visibly unwrapped. Santa has wrapping paper, scissors and ribbon in his hands

Concept: It is almost 5am and Santa hasn’t delivered one present. Children will be waking up everywhere. He selects the child who has been rated highest for best behaviour this year to get their presents.
Design: Town clock in the background shows it is 5am and Santa is scratching his head, holding “Santa’s Nice List”, the name at the top is circled.

Concept: Santa makes it down the chimney to deliver the gifts (not as many gifts as some held back in customs). He sees there are no mince pies on the mantlepiece for him and the Christmas turkey has been washed in chlorine.
Design: Santa is standing in the kitchen of the home. There is an empty mince pie packet on the table with a note reading “Sorry Santa, there was a mince pie shortage”. Next to it is the turkey bagged up with a “Warning. Contains Chlorine” sticker on it

Concept: Santa goes to the tree in the lounge and finds that there is no real Christmas tree (half of UK households couldn’t get a tree due to shortages)
Design: Santa is standing in front of the fireplace, looking very confused. Next to the fireplace is a cactus with baubles and fairy lights with presents sitting underneath

Concept: Santa finally has all presents delivered by end of Boxing Day, having spent two days dodging families during the day.
Design: Two days later…Santa is settling back in his empty sleigh, setting a course for Lapland in his Sleigh Nav. He looks tired and fed up

Concept: After another long spell in the border queue, Santa makes it home. He cannot pay the elves as he spent all his money paying new and unanticipated customs duties
Design: Santa is back in his workshop, pulling out his empty pockets to show the elves he has no money left to pay their salary. In one hand he is waving the bill for customs duties. Some elves look shocked and sad.

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