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I am a Guitarist, Singer, and a Songwrtier.

Looking for: Studio Manager

I’m a Metal, Rock, Punk, Blues, R&B, Indie and Pop lead/rhythm guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.
I am looking for a band to join or form. The band should have a Rhythm Guitarist, a Drummer, a Vocalist, and a Bassist.
I am going to add my SoundCloud Grunge track for a vocal example.
Music Taste:
Heavy/Doom/Thrash/Stoner/Glam/Soft/Speed/Power Metal
Hard/Punk/Stoner/Psychedelic/Grunge/Blues/Soft/Indie/Folk/Country Rock
R&B, Soul, Rap, HipHop, and Pop.
The details of what I need are a studio and manager that I need to develop my career. The job location should be in UAE and in Abu Dhabi at least.

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No payment, only collaboration and share profits

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Mixed, some on-location work is needed (give location in job description)

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Posted 3 months ago
Karim Reslan
Last online: 3 days ago

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