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Web Developer in Westerville, OH, USA

Looking for: Web Developer
Budget: Negotiable

The Freelance Developer will work closely with tech leads, project management and the creative team to execute pixel perfect front-end builds making key decisions on Javascript architecture, CSS strategy, HTML5/CSS3 degradation, web fonts, social networking integration, html best practices and responsive design.

This is a Twine Enterprise project. You need to be a Twine Pro to pitch. Click here to learn more.

This position will focus on front-end development, and as such the candidate should have a solid working knowledge and ability to execute on modern web frameworks such as Bootstrap/Foundation & boilerplate. Along with that, having expertise in leveraging grunt/gulp build scripts are an absolute must.

The candidate possesses good verbal and written communication skills and demonstrates a talent for teamwork and collaboration. A desire and excitement to explore new technology is a must.

  • Accurately predict development timelines, be able to stick to them and react quickly to change.
  • Ability to “own” a project by helping to identify missing pieces and solutions.
  • The Interactive Developer is the first line of defense for the integrity of the build - a friendly/open working relationship with team members and vendor partners is an absolute must.
  • Understand the pace of advertising. Things move quickly, ideas are fluid and need to be guided home in a calm, professional and optimistic manor.
  • Explain sensitive and complicated issues such as graceful degradation / cross-browser compatibility to other non-technical teams such as account and production.
  • Ability to handle client communication via email, phone, or in person when necessary

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree. Computer Science Degree Preferred, or comparable experience
  • 3-5 years’ experience, preferably at an advertising agency or a start up
  • Expert in OO JS, HTML, CSS3, mobile best practices, social media integration.
  • Experienced in using LESS/SASS, leveraging gulp/grunt for builds.
  • Expertise in working with GIT, both on an individual level and with teams.
  • Experience integrating with a CMS (wordpress, drupal, sitecore)

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Posted 2 months ago
Syneos Health Commercial Solutions
Last online: 2 hours ago

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