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Rebranding Kaizen Logistics. Require complete rebranding

Looking for: Branding
Budget: Negotiable


Rebranding activity that is undergoing within Kaizen Logistics Pte Ltd.

Scope of work

  • Logo
  • Typefaces
  • Color schemes
  • Collaterals
  • Business card
  • Letter heads
  • Invoice design
  • Company shirt design for drivers
  • Business brochure & marketing materials
    Creative Documents
  • Color & Usage guide - How to use logo etc on digital media such as landing pages, phone application and social media
  • Full brand guide.
  • Copywriting will also be a requirement. (will work closely with creatives on copywriting).
  • Logo’s creative process document.
    Kaizen Logistics is a local (Singapore) last mile logistics service provider that started providing logistical services to niche sectors such as the aviation industry. As we are growing our scope of business, we will be having subsidiaries under Kaizen Logistics (main brand) called Kaizen Trade Technology (logistics paperwork and permit declaration). Kaizen Aviation (aviation related logistics). Kaizen Warehouse management services (for warehousing services). At Kaizen Logistics, we follow the principles of Kaizen methodology and we implement it on our daily operations and management. Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.


⁃ 1st metric: Approval of Logo will have to be unanimously approved by all board of directors.
⁃ Potential employees and new recruits can feel that this company is a professional yet a comfortable working company and confident to sign up to be part of the team. Drivers must be proud of wearing the logo on their shirt and representing the company. [ non quantifiable] [ new hires based on response upon placing advertisement]
⁃ When the new logo, type and scheme comes a long, we will have to update our website, upon updating the web landing page and doing our work on SEO. We would like to see a a higher traffic onto our website.
⁃ Logo and rebranding effort should be able to be recognized and applauded by the design community. If possible to submit our rebranding efforts for competition locally within Singapore and Asia. We want to build a brand of that stature. [ to be advised by designer if possible]

Direct competition and previous logos will be uploaded

Purpose of rebranding

  • Logos were previously done internally and usually has many changes. Kaizen requires a professional to be able to create to our branding needs and wants.

  • Kaizen Logistics is expanding to other avenues within the logistics space such as warehousing, e-commerce, logistical IT solutions etc. Hence, we need a professional logo and branding to be done.

  • In Kaizen Logistics, we want to brand ourselves as a company that/is

o Trustworthy
o Efficient
o Ever-changing to consumer needs
o Forefront in technology
o Practices the concept of kaizen in every aspect of the business.
o Approachable
Our company adheres to the principles of Kaizen very seriously and we try to impart that knowledge into every aspect of the company internally and externally for our clients. We want this to come off through our branding as well.

  • Logo
    o It should not only be a logo. It must have a story to tell that is relevant. Eg. Fedex has a story in its logo. In this case would be the arrow between the E & X. We want to be able to tell a story with our logo in any positive way. Ingenuity is appreciated when designing. Eg. White logistics, i, represents a turning truck.

o The story that we want to talk about is Kaizen(methodology) / Supply Chain or Logistics (service that we provide)

Designer must show their past works and portfolio too in order to boost themselves in the selection process.

Logo must be well thought off and the creation behind the logo must contain logic and understanding of it.

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