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Web Designer with Strong Visual Design Sense for New Company Website

Looking for: Web Design
Budget: Negotiable

Our new company website is spec’d out and now we need help with the design phase. We’re looking for someone with a really strong sense of both web and visual design, as well as solid graphic design skills. The wireframe we have is not intended to be taken literally – we’re hoping to find someone who can see what we’re trying to do and take it up a notch in terms of visual presentation.

The goal is to end up with a Sketch file with a fully designed website, along with the components broken out into a design system. We’ll then code it ourselves, although if you can do that too, that’d be great. We’d like to start with the homepage. Then if things go well, move through with the rest of the pages.

We have lots of branding elements defined (e.g., logo, fonts, colors, illustration style).

Here’s the wireframe:

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