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Looking for: Animator
Budget: Negotiable
6 days left

Need help animating a short story for my tech assignment. Quality work may be paid above $250 USD. Need to make sure that it does not look to professional as I am only in 9th grade in Australia. Need to be able to maintain communication as my teacher will add more information as to what you have to do.

This is what my teacher posted

Hi Guys,
For our next assessment we will be using Adobe Animate to make a short 2D animation. Today you will be understanding the animation process and start planning your animation.

For you lesson today you will need to do the following:

  1. Read this article as a class on how 2D animations are made.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for your own animation
  3. Create a character for your animation - draw it out on blank paper.
  4. Storyboard your animation - draw it out on storyboards provided. Think about your location, what is the scene, who are the characters, are there main characters, what is the story line, is there a plot line ?
  • Be as creativity with your ideas as they need to be original
  • If you are " inspired by an image from the internet" it needs to be changed 50%
  • if you would like to retell a scene from a film or movie, go ahead but have a TWIST !!!

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Posted 24 days ago
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