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One-minute reaction videos wanted 🌎

Looking for: Explainer Video
Budget: Negotiable

Our company is specialized in Slots games development on mobile phone. And we’d like to have reaction videos like this one: It’s not hard to make one.

The fee we pay you is calculated by the numbers of the videos you make. Such as $50 for two videos, $70 for three videos. And if the video is up to our expectation, we could have long-time cooperation.

Video Requirements:

  1. Video should be clear. And it should contain two sizes: 1920x1080 and 1080x1920 . That means both horizontal and vertical.

  2. The whole video should be no less than 45s long. About 5s before the excitement, and 30s after the initial excitement.

  3. Both indoors and outdoors environments are acceptable. But the backgrounds should be clear and it’s better to avoid strong sunlight (which makes it hard to see the characters’ expressions.)

  4. The facial expressions should be clear(important).

  5. Acting should be real and natural. Don’t look at the camera during filming (Being more natural).

  6. Don’t speak too slowly or acting like reading the lines.

You can make the reaction video exactly like the references or you can act your own video according to our requirements.

A. References:
Choose any one of the three reference videos and imitate, please act exactly the same as reference video. The more alike, the better. For example, first she’s going to cry when watching the phone, then jump with screaming.

These lines must appear during the performance:
I got it! (going to crying)
Ah ah ah ah ah (very excited and happy)
Oh my god! (very excited and happy)

B. Act by yourself
Act by yourself. Starting with look at a mobile phone at first and then perform excitly and naturally.
These lines must appear during the performance:
“Oh my God!”
“I got it!”
“I win!!!”
Pleas speak in a hurry and feel incoherent because you are over excited.
You can watch these two game videos while performing to help you find the right emotional point and timing.

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Posted 2 months ago
楠 邢
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