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Web designer based in Belgium 🌎

Looking for: Web Designer
Budget: Negotiable
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My name is Clément, and I contact you on behalf of my organisation : FoodWIN. I am in charged of making first contact in order to find a web designer for our organisation.
About us, we are a NGO that offers concrete tools to cities and elaborates inspiring solutions in line with local situations in order to reduce food waste in Europe, and we are currently in need of aweb designer to help us improve our communication and take care of our different websites. We are looking for someone available, based in Brussels or Belgium and english speaking (french and/or dutch would be a plus).
As a non-profit organisation, we cannot afford to pay too much per hour, but our rate would turn around 40/50 euros per hour.

Here are the web sites we want you to manage :
-Support with installing plugins (Google Tag Manager, Yoast SEO, …)
-Installation of analytics
-Help with our SEO and SEA strategy is very welcome
-From time to time updating/creating a new page
-Currently developing a new version of the website, will take more time through the summer, hopefully, finished by end of August (refers to a page on
Once a year:
create the event page that consists of :
-Promo movie
-Integration of subscription tool (we used Ticket Tailor in the past)
-Create results page
-Picture slider
-Installation of Google analytics
-Displays a catalogue of food waste services that is now a pdf. In the long run we would like to change this to display the services on the website itself.
(Using a standard template per service, ordered in 4 categories in the menu)
-Have a Dutch translation of the webpage (a lot of the infrastructure is already there, but the content needs to be cleared from last year and prepared for the next year, and a few improvements in the CSS) Right now it’s in maintenance mode because it had malware on it.
-Installation of analytics
-Process of the Awards
-September 2019
-General clean-up of the website (blogposts nicer format, display of the finalists cleaner, see below)

Our current webdesigner works 8 hours a day. We would like you to take over.

Following those conditions, please let me know if you would be willing to work with us.

If a cooperation can be set up between us, I’ll transfer your contact to my communication manager, that will come back to you at the beginning of August to detail more precisely our projects.

Please let me know if you have any questions,
Looking forward reading you,
Best regards,

Clément from FoodWIN.

Posted a month ago
Last online: 12 days ago

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