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Youtube Channel Avatar and Logo 🌎

Looking for: Illustration
Budget: $160.00

I am in the process of starting a youtube channel and need a channel avatar and a logo.

I have worked in the graphic industry for years and can do a lot of stuff myself, but illustration is not my strong suit and I am always in for quality.

That’s why I choose this way to hire a professional illustrator to do the job.

The channel is mainly a very nerdy, special interest channel that revolves around the Fallout universe.

All the wishes are not set in stone. When your creative heart tells you other stories, please discuss them with me. I know the creative process and I am always willing to take advice.

When you need more background info on the content of the channel, please ask. I will elaborate then.

  1. Channel avatar
    I’d like to have a Vault-Boy, that’s looking like me in RL. Or, you got another suggestion that I like -> just tell me.

  2. Channel Logo/Watermark/Sign
    I need a channel logo of some kind, that i can use in thumbnails, as watermark and for other porposes. Relationsship in appearance with the channel avatar are welcome.

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Posted 7 days ago
Denon Kleo
Last online: 11 hours ago

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