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Musical Composer Wanted 🌎

Looking for: Film Composer

Hello I am a playwright and lyricist based in Indiana. I am looking for a composer to compose the music for my musical. The musical is my version of Cinderella. I know it is over done and please not another Cinderella story.

So how is mine different? I took everything I didn’t like about Cinderella and changed it. For instance the prince knows her identity the whole time, there is only one step sister, the other a half sister. just to name a few. it is also set in the 16th century like the original, but being told by a narrator in our time, so I would like to music to reflect both.

I have most of the lyrics written only 3 more to write and will be willing to share the play in whole so the music reflects the story.

There is 20 musical pieces needed. 10 songs and 10 overtures consisting of a ball scene, fight scene, silent scenes to name a few. the composer will have lots of free rain in how the music is together. Some of the lyrics require slow pieces and others fast pieces.

The collaboration can be done over email, online and phone if need be with regular updates. There is not a specific time frame for the music to be done, I am more interested in the quality reflecting. A time frame can be decided at a later point between the composer and myself.

I can give more details if needed and provide vocals as well .

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No payment, only collaboration and share profits

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No, we can work online

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3 months

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Yes (please enter this in the description)

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Don’t mind

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Posted 13 days ago
Leah Sherri
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