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Explained video about testicular torsion 🌎

Looking for: Explainer Video
Budget: Negotiable
17 days left

I need to make a short video (<30s) about testicular torsion aimed at 11 and 12 year old boys.

The campaign is called “Save the ball” and is supported by West Ham football club

I have a script prepared and some basic artwork.

I want the video to start by showing two testicles “hanging out” and then to zoom in on some specific anatomy. I then want the the spermatic cord to twist on itself (this is testicular torsion) and for the testicle to look unhappy and change colour to indicate a poor blood supply and pain.

Next I want to illustrate the situations this can occur - when the child is playing, stressed or even waking up from sleep.

“If this happens to you, you have to act fast; tell a grown up and get to hospital within 1 hour where a doctor will untwist your testicle (show untwisting and return to normal colour).

“Helping you…”. (Goalkeeper saving a ball followed by stadium seats flashing up save the ball) “save the ball”.

Testicles back on screen hanging and having fun bouncing to some music.

Silence - act fast, tell a grown up, get to hospital


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