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Ace Ventura Sr: The Search For Tyrone 🌎

Looking for: Animator
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Hello! My name is Jack Wisse, and I am creating a short film/video/humorous youtube video about a dude who is the son of Ace Ventura Jr.

Basically, the plot’s not really done yet. I’m still working on it as of right now. However, this is a sequel to a video I did about a year ago, so that’s neat. here’s the link.

I need someone who can animate a 15-20 second clip of Ace biking around, except it’s in an 2D artstyle recreating the album cover for “Innuendo” (Queen, 1991)

here is the link to that:

Also, This isn’t exactly required, but for promotional reasons, it would be highly appreciated if someone were to make a profile picture and promotional artwork for Ace Sr. 2 with the Innuendo art style. not required, but it would be neat.

Please give me a demo reel of some of your work and i’ll consider you! ignore the deadline, i don’t have the premium thingy or whatever so i can’t extend it farther than a month. BUT, i am planning on releasing this sometime in Fall of this year.

Thank you!!

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