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Pokemon film music score 🌎

Looking for: Music Composer
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I’m a film maker based in San Antonio, TX. I’m a video editor, director, DP, visual effects artist (specialize in character animation),
Writer and an actor. A 1 man army. The only things I do not do is graphic design, music composition, and heavy audio mixing.

Which is why I’m here looking for a music composer for my new film, looking for a music composer. This film is a 5 minute pokemon film, looking for a composer who can create music building up to the battle in the beginning, then hits hard when the battle starts up until the anticlimactic twist of pikachu’s pokemon trainer telling pikachu to use growl (an attack that does virtually nothing to his opponent, dragonite) after being hit by dragonites hyper beam.

At that point of the film, it may just need background music. Nothing too heavy or distracting until the end.

The freelancer can work remotely if needed

This film will hit social media when completed :)

Thank you in advance



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Posted 2 months ago
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