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My name is Vincent Kane, I’m screenwriter who has taken the initiative of producing my low budget screenplay titled “Innocent”. I have gathered a small team to help me do this, including one other producer and a director. I have no film credits, so do not bother searching on me.
I personally do not live in the United States.
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I have been able to successfully sign a Finder’s Agreement with Peacock Film finance in order for them to aid me fund my low budget project. They asked me for a bunch of things, including Name Talent or LOIs from Name Talent, I wasn’t able to provide due to the Catch-22 phenomenon. They didn’t decline to fund, regardless, now they asked for a budget breakdown which I prepared with my other partner Hooroo Jackson.
After presenting it to them, they found some discrepancies which made them detract their initial intention to fund. Upon pleading with them, they allowed me to present another budget breakdown to them, but I fear that if this was to go to another stage, I might make another mistake. I need not to appear like an amateur, so I need a relatively experienced Producer to help me secure the funding without appearing like an amateur.
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No, it shouldn’t be locations specific, but the Producer should be able to work in the States.
The other producers I’ve come into contact with have expressed interest in aiding the project, but only after I have secured financing and is ready to pay them.
Knowing how difficult it is to secure financing, after finding Peacock Film Finance and signing an agreement with them I do not want to lose them. I need a real professional to help me liase properly with them so our team does not seem like an amateur group.

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I have spoken to a Sales Agent who would be interested in selling our project only if we have Name Talent attached, so I really need that Name talent.
I spoke to a Casting Agency in London, who have asked for $30,000 with $10,000 being upfront.
I believe with a little nudge I can easily get my project produced, I just need the right people to aid me in this endeavor.
Hooroo Jackson has prepared a Slate with two of my scripts and two of his to present to investors during the upcoming AFM, so any producer who’s going there this November would be very helpful.

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No payment, only collaboration and share profits

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Mixed, some on-location work is needed (give location in job description)

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Don’t mind

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Posted a month ago
Ankaboot Productions
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