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My name is Ianthé, I’m based in Johannesburg, and I’m 21 years old. So my situation is very unique I feel. I will need an audio engineer who is truly passionate about music or this won’t work. I have been writing songs since I was eight years old. I write all different kinds of genres. I started with country moved to pop and when I was 14 eventually discovered writing rap songs. I would describe my songwriting similar to storytelling as most artists would. When I was writing country and pop it never really worked out as my songs were always too long And I had way too many rhyming words. I never considered rap as I was always familiar with it but thought you needed to be a gangster or black or not a woman to make it big in that industry. However that was very young and ignorant thinking. So as I grew older I came to realise that rap was about expressing your darkest thoughts, your most vulnerable emotions and it’s a way to put everything you’re feeling into one masterpiece. I take a lot of time with the songs that I write. Even though it only takes me about 15 to 30 minutes to write a complete rap song. I spend days perfecting and re-writing on my songs. I need an audio engineer who has the same kind of passion for music as I do for lyrics. I have never been musically inclined and Indo not play any instruments. another reason why rap is perfect for m. However, I was blessed with the talent of writing and being a lyricist. I use a lot of metaphors and play on words in my songs and they are all very different from each other. I need someone to help me find my sound. I really want to make an album and start the process of releasing it to see if I could actually make this a career. I do feel like I have the talent and I also feel like there isn’t really a good female white rapper on the scenes right now, and I think I could be it. I am willing to pay for the sound and the music. However ideally, I would find someone who could work with me up until the end of my music career. I want to find someone who wants to make a living out of producing music as much as I want to make a living out of being a lyricist. I want us to be partners of some sort. I don’t care if you live far away as today’s technology has made it so easy to do business with someone in a different town, you know we can Skype etc. But I would love it if I could present my work and tell you about my process, how I felt writing that song, the type of beat (slow or fast etc), what I would like to be conveyed through the music and how I see the song ending up. As I said I don’t know much about the music aspect of things so this is really a chance for you to be very creative and add your own style to the music. I would be willing to pay but as before mentioned, a partnership would be ideal, meaning if we were to make an album using my words and your music, a rap album to be specific, then I would like us both to be profiting from the album and to be working on new music together. However if this is not possible and payment would be required we can sort something out.

obviously the first step would be to meet, be it in person or online, to see if we could work together and if you like my work and if I like your work. Then we can talk business. It’s not like I want custom beats, freshly made, for all of my songs, if you have something in your tracks that you’ve made but never used that you think would work with the song, we can try it out. As long as it’s never been used before and is completely original. just to make clear my intention with the beats is to add them to my lyrics, then go into studio and record them for my very first debut album. send me an email or give me a shout if this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in. Let’s see if we can make some history!

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