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Realistic visual effects for a sci-fi music video 🌎

Looking for: Visual Effect
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I’m Patrick Wilcox, a film director, and producer. I work for Colorways, a production company based in Los Angeles, CA. I work for brands and musical artists on short-form film projects of different sizes and budgets.

I’m looking for realistic visual effects for a sci-fi music video for the song Yellow Light by Duchi Da Vinchi. The video was directed by me. It’s a long-gestating labor of love. The director of Photography is Nicholas Matthews:

I’m looking for a VFX artist/supervisor or small VFX team to complete a number of VFX shots for this music video. The effects needed include a limited number of full CGI shots, wire removal, two explosions, and a hologram HUD in the space shuttle. You can see detailed information at the links below.

Music video edit:

Conduit Explosion Shots:

Zero Gravity Shots (Wire-removal, window replacement):

Hallway Explosion Shots:

Shuttle Shots (Hologram HUD - Windshield Replacement):

Hologram HUD example:

Potential tool for HUD:

Full CGI Spaceship shots (Reference Shots Only)

I’m here to answer questions. Thank you!

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