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Concept Artist/Illustrators/3D Renderings for Gun Manual 🌎

Looking for: Concept Artist
21 days left
Open job

I am a graphic designer for a new company based in Scottsdale Arizona, our first product is a rifle.

We are looking to change up the standard of gun manuals with our new product and are in search of some amazing artists.

The final product will be coffee table worthy. A Gun manual that you want to return to over and over again and show off to all your friends.

The project is basically creating a scene that includes our new rifle in some way. The specifics on what we want in the actual art are kind of open because we love to leave a lot of creative freedom to the artist. We do want a variety of styles as well. From sketches to final pieces and even some beautiful 3D Renderings.

Think Star Wars and Destiny. If any of this is speaking your creative language, we’d love to discuss the possibilities of working with you!

Posted 9 days ago
Last online: 8 hours ago

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