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Instructional Designer/Copywriter 📍 Auburn Hills, United States

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The Instructional Designer/Copywriter is responsible for writing and developing learning solutions that meet and exceed the facility’s expectations for improving retail performance. Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Develop written materials across a variety of media (web, print, live, and video) that communicate a clear, relevant message to all our external and internal audiences including our internal staff, trainers, and the end users in dealerships across the country.
  • Design, write and edit throughout entire development process single and multiple platform creative communication, training and performance improvement solutions under tight timelines with minimal supervision, including: o Content outlines, interactive instructional design documents, production scripts, meeting leader guides (for live training) and testing/assessment scripts.

Additional print/interactive support, including print deliverables/job aids, word tracks, and interactive links to multimedia files.

  • Research, verify and write organization focused journal excerpts for distribution through Learning Center.
  • Participate in the creation of the daily Retail Edge email journal as required.
  • Monitor/edit numerous projects/deliverables simultaneously during the development process.
  • Attend training events (new Product Immersions), video shoots (i.e., act as interviewer of Engineering and/or Marketing professional) and narrative voice-over recording sessions as required to ensure performance objectives and creative vision are maintained.
  • Produce/edit creative deliverables with minimal supervision, and assist staff and freelance personnel as required.
  • Participate in status meetings, provide project updates, assist with and occasionally conduct presentations, fulfill any miscellaneous requests.
  • Maintain and demonstrate a thorough understanding of all brand product lines and those of our competitors.
  • Maintain thorough understanding of instructional design and performance improvement principles, methodologies and processes.
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of current organizations advertising/marketing themes to ensure message consistency and impact.
  • Assist other team members and freelancers with expertise as necessary.
  • Collaborate with corporate partners such as the Sales organization, and Media to leverage available assets and programs as needed to support retail performance improvement and knowledge transfer.

Bachelor’s degree

  • Ability to provide, present and explain work samples during interview process.
  • Proven experience collaborating with project team members and various internal departments/disciplines to produce learning solutions and provide project status updates.
  • Excellent and demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience assisting training facilitators as required to prepare/facilitate courseware.

Preferred Requirements

  • Experience in Instructional Design preferred.
  • Knowledge of Adobe CS3/4 software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign a plus.
  • Knowledge of e-Learning Authorware a plus

Job Type

  • Contract

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