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Developer/IT Specialist 📍 Andover, United States

Looking for: Web Developer
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Open Letter Marketing is a rapidly growing direct mail company with a start-up feel that is fun, exciting and rewarding. Every employee is recognized as a valuable member of the team and provided the opportunity to shine in their role.

OLM is seeking a web developer/IT specialist to join its team. This is an exciting position that will be responsible for managing all web development projects and some internal IT-related projects. As part of a young, start-up company, you will wear many hats from managing an overseas development team of 4-5 people to providing employees with technical assistance. You will work directly with the owner of the company on many of the projects and sit in on brainstorming sessions for new developments.

The following Core Values are the heart of our organization and therefore, candidates MUST align with them:

  • Innovation - We consistently develop new strategies to provide better results for our business and customers
  • Development - We are continuously growing, both personally and professionally
  • Accountability - We take ownership of our individual roles and the company as a whole
  • Integrity - We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism

Some of the projects you will be working on

  • Lead Management Software - a ground-up, fully developed software that allows for managing real estate leads. You will be working with an overseas development team of 4-5 people to take this project through to completion including all aspects of the design, testing, and managing. You will also be responsible for creating the SLA and managing/assisting with software support to our users.
  • CRM System - an internally developed CRM system built on Podio. Your responsibilities will include the same as the Lead Management Software.
  • Website Development - analyzing and working with consultants to enhance the visual look and functionality of our website. You will also assist in developing a web 2 print solution and an enhanced customer portal.
  • Other IT Projects - you will assist with analyzing and executing the hardware/software needs of the company and can provide employees with IT-related assistance.

The candidate MUST have the following traits/experience

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Intelligent, ambitious and takes pride and ownership in their work
  • System oriented (be able to understand how and why a system works)
  • Organized, and detail-oriented
  • Extremely computer literate
  • Has a JFDI attitude (you will find a solution to any problem - and execute!)
  • A hunger for personal and professional development (nothing stands in your way from learning a new skill)


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3+ years of web or full-stack development experience
  • Experience managing a team is a plus but not required
  • Proven success in previous development projects


  • The candidate will have the flexibility to work from home
  • This position will start as part-time and quickly advance to full-time

To Apply all applicants are required to submit the following

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • 3 examples of development projects that you have worked on with an explanation of your role in the project

Job Types

  • Full-time, Part-time


  • $20.00 to $25.00 /hour


  • development: 3 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)

Hours per week

  • 20-29
  • 30-39

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Ongoing work

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$10-30 (Beginner)

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A few months

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2-3 weeks

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