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Drum mixing for Twitch stream in OBS studio 🌎

Looking for: Audio Engineer
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I am looking for help to mix and master my audio levels and stream setup through Twitch that is run through OBS studio. I am currently using a drum VST program Superior Drummer 3 on a Roland drum kit. It is an odd setup that requires 2 audio interfaces (Steinberg UR44 and Focusirite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen) I also have a DAW available (Cubase AI 10) but it’s not currently used in the setup. Latency is not an issue. I think I do not currently have the optimized mix and setup to make the content as good as it possibly can be. I also think it is a hardware issue but unsure. I believe the project can be competed via Skype or Discord but am open to onsite work as well. Thank you.

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$35-50 (Industry average)

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Half a day

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1 week

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Posted 2 months ago
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