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Graphic Designer / UI Designer 📍 Chico, United States

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For nearly 6 years Theia has pioneered the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and touchscreen applications for enterprise customers. As the global leader in real-time rendering software and solutions, we are proud to partner with brands like HP, Nvidia, HTC, and Epic Games to deliver stunning and innovative experiences like luxury hotel design reviews, aerospace simulation and training, medical facility walk thoughts, real estate pre-leasing tours, award-winning product demonstrations, and branded AR activation. With new technical challenges and creative opportunities happening all the time, Theia is the perfect place for passionate problem solvers from every expertise.

Job Description
Theia provides these world-class visual solutions through continued innovation of both our brand and products, and this is your opportunity to shape the visual style of our fast-growing, influential startup. We need a designer who understands how each component of a company’s internal and external visuals work together to tell a cohesive story. This position involves the conceptualization and production of a variety of digital assets including:

  • The layout and styling of our website
  • Creating a consistent template for our pitch decks and presentations
  • Assembling print and promotional materials as needed
  • Building new and unique user interfaces for our 3D applications
  • Translating 2D design concepts into 3D interactivity for virtual reality

Theia’s latest software product is a desktop application called Optim, which provides a sleek and easy-to-use user interface to automate the workflows of the advanced 3D rendering engine Unreal Engine. It’s been praised for its beautiful and simple interface that shines in comparison to typical 3D software, and we’re looking to continue the Optim legacy with more of its unique style of buttons, animations, graphs, and snappy functionality. You will work with our CTO and Development Manager to build off the work that has been done and pioneer the next phases of Optim. With new features, new screens, new data visualizations, and new spin-off projects to satisfy every aspect of a 3D pipeline, there is no shortage of creative designing to be done.

We’re looking for a developer with a proven track record of building modern and clean user interfaces and marketing materials. You’ll need to be a self-starter and be excited to imagine and present new ideas to management, embracing criticism and collaboration to achieve the best possible content.


  • An eye for good design and modern sensibilities
  • The ability to quickly translate ideas into deliverables
  • A strong and thorough online portfolio showing flexibility and adaptability
  • Experience brainstorming and iterating with clients and managers


  • Understanding of 3D computer graphics terminology and workflows
  • Adobe XD experience
  • Web development capabilities
  • Understanding of desktop application workflows
  • Experience with data visualization
  • Video editing proficiency

Job Types

  • Full-time, Part-time


  • $16.00 to $29.00 /hour


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible schedule

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Posted 3 months ago
Theia Interactive
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