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UI/UX Artist 📍 San Diego, United States

Looking for: UI Designer
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Qualcomm Game Studios creates cutting edge graphics to show off what Qualcomm’s latest chipsets can do. We are looking for a seasoned UI Artist with Unreal experience, to help create cutting edge graphics & interfaces for games, VR and graphics demos. Because we are a growing studio, all of our artists are encouraged to work in multiple disciplines, and we foster a generalist mentality to our


  • Create assets that live up to the visual and technical goals and requirements of our products.
  • Be versatile to manage features together with other discipline needs.
  • Contribute to internal visual material, such as presentations, demos, style guides, and/or documentation.
  • Strong design sense and ability to provide design feedback


  • Educated, with a BFA or have received equivalent on-the-job experience.
  • 4+ years of experience as UI Artist or Designer in the video games industry.
  • Understand layout, typography, iconography, animation, and interaction design.
  • Good technical understanding and appreciation for smart ways to create flexible and scalable UI.
  • Passion for UX, information design and creating pixel perfect solutions.
  • Production experience in Unreal, Unity, CryEngine or equivalent industry game engine.
  • Superior eye for light, value, composition, color, staging, and detail in environmental design.
  • Comfortable working closely with team members in a highly iterative environment.
  • UX, Flash, Illustrator, & Photoshop experience preferred.
  • Self-motivated and able to estimate task length and deliver polished assets on time.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Unreal Blueprints and animating Widget assets.
  • Prior VR/AR asset creation experience.
  • Experience with prototyping package such as Adobe XD.
  • Experience using 3D modeling packages such as 3ds Max, Maya, or Blender
  • Ability to create high-end motion graphic animations in a video package such as Adobe After Effects.
  • Shipped console or mobile game experience.

Join Qualcomm Game Studios!
Qualcomm Game Studios mission is to create immersive and unique experiences to users while utilizing state of the art mobile technology with Qualcomm’s proprietary chipsets, which today power over 2 billion consumer devices worldwide.

Job Types

  • Temporary, Contract


  • $30.00 to $40.00 /hour


  • UI Artist or Designer in the video games industry.: 4 years (Required)

Contract Length

  • 3 - 4 months

Work Location

  • One location
  • Fully Remote


  • None

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Ongoing work

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$30-45 (Junior)

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A few months

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