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1.5 Minutes Of Motion Graphics Needed For A Medical YouTube Video (64,000 subscribers) 🌎

Looking for: Animator
Budget: $62.50
23 days left
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I am looking for a motion graphic designer for my youtube channel with 64,000 subscribers. I make videos every 2-3 weeks that are about a strange medical case. I usually need medical-related motion graphics of organs like lungs, kidney, brain etc (depending on the case I am working on).

I can send high quality audio files, they are ready to go. I also can send an example link as far as the kind of animations I am looking for. I am somewhat specific and want someone who provides high quality work and cares about what they do. I have high standards for my youtube channel. This can potentially be a long term gig.

The pay is 75 USD per 1 minute of animation for now. I expect 2-3 revisions and would like it done by Sunday. I have the audio files and example video of the animations I want and can send it ASAP. If possible, I would appreciate a storyboard so I can see what kind of animations you can do. I would want someone with experience or ability to make medical animations/graphic designs.

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Posted 7 days ago
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