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Create a realistic Illustration 2D Shoe 🌎

Looking for: Illustration
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Create a realistic 2D Shoe (side angle for now) with proper shadow, lighting, and angle. I am developing a product configurator tool, which allows configuring the shoe as per users’ choices. (i.e. user can customize each part of the shoe as per his/her choice from the given options in the tool. i.e color, texture etc)


  • Create/Replicate the same shoe (Refer the attached image)
  • I need Shadow, Light in the separate layers
  • I need each part (i.e. Toe Part, Back Part, Laces, Sole, Middle Part, inner etc) as an individual SVG (export at Path, not the image), like in reference image had red, blue and brown parts
  • The texture should be applied properly (mostly texture as a separate layer).
  • It must look realistic
  • At the completion of the project we need Illustrator (AI) file with each part designed into a separate layer and it must be exported at SVG (as a Path)

Definition of Done:

  • I will check the given SVG file with our tool and have to consider 2-3 revision rounds based on the tool’s requirement
  • Once everything works fine with the tool we can consider it as completed.

Project Duration:
Long Term (Regular Job), if all goes well with the first project

Let me know in case of any questions.

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